Live Event Social Media in Lancashire

Give your event another dimension with live event social media coverage and extend its reach to the digital domain. A fantastic way to win extra coverage and in many cases gain a year’s worth of digital exposure in a single day!

We have much experience covering events live on social media and have had the pleasure of seeing three of these events trend on Twitter; being seen by millions. From large regional events to small office openings and networking events we can help take care of the live digital coverage. Get in contact to discuss your event today.

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Why use live event social media?

A lot goes into organising a successful event and sometimes social media can feel like just another task. Do not overlook this vastly powerful tool. As an organiser you have a unique opportunity to publicise your event on a huge scale. Who knows, it may even trend and be seen by millions. Would you turn down an opportunity such as that?

See below for just a few points on why it is important to have live social media at your event.


•    Covering the event on social media adds to the event prestige. Having digital channels that support, advise and inform attendees as well as those that cannot attend adds significant resource and infrastructure to an event.
•    Turn your attendees into brand ambassadors and sales people. If you can encourage those attending the event to publicise what they are seeing you suddenly have several hundred to a few thousand brand ambassadors. Imagine how far your event will travel online with an army of promoters!
•    Ensure the event reaches a much wider audience. Not everyone will be able to attend your event. Maybe they cannot make it on the date or cannot get to the location. Covering the event online will allow them to take part from wherever they are in the world.
•    Document the event and create an online archive. Updates on the day allow everyone and anyone to revisit the activities post event. This only serves to strengthen your brand; it puts you and your event at the centre of everything.
•    Promote your next event. Good live social media will heighten the excitement for future events allowing attendees, as individual social media users, to play an active part of the next event.
•    Make attendees feel included in the event. When an event visitor publishes an update they become part of the event. Adding their individual story to the occasion. Make your visitors feel they are part of the event and they will become loyal and loving customers.



Why choose Lucky 6 Marketing to manage your event social media in Lancashire?

Choosing us to help you develop the digital side of your event is not as expensive as you may think. We bring a host of live event experience and streamline your path to success. You concentrate on the event details we will design, build and nurture the live digital environment for you.

See below for just a few key points as to why we are your best choice as live event partners.
•    Extensive experience covering large and small events live on social media. We began publishing events online in 2005 for record labels and artists. Since that time, we have come to specialise in business events and have assisted the Lancashire Business Expo with great success. That’s over 10 years of live social media experience!
•    We are a professional operation. Lucky 6 Marketing is a limited company under UK law and as such we bring the professionalism you would expect. At events we dress smart and have our own professional grade equipment for capturing and publishing the event.
•    We have the capability to schedule content beforehand, publish during the event, capture video and capture professional photos. As experienced social media specialists in Lancashire we have the infrastructure to add significant clout to the marketing of your event.
•    You focus on the event we take care of the social media. Organising and managing an event can be extremely stressful. Leave the live digital marketing to us and know it is in good hands.
•    Our team works before and after the event to build up anticipation as well as extend coverage. Our work does not just happen on the day. We also put considerable time in before and after an event to make sure your marketing opportunity is not missed or wasted.
•    Experience designing successful event hashtags that encourage attendees and online fans to take part. You know how hard it is to actually encourage people to attend your event. We know how hard it is to encourage them to publish updates but we have quite a few techniques at our disposal. Our years of experience can be put to good use for your event. Let’s make it a success together.


Our years of experience can be put to good use for your event. Let’s make it a success together.

The team a Lucky 6 Marketing really do enjoy seeing events go well online. With us you can be sure that the digital side of your event is in good hands. Do not waste this fantastic opportunity for marketing, PR and promotion. Get in contact and let’s talk about making your event a huge success!


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