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Make your business and brand famous online. Being exceptional is the only way to win with social media. Let Lucky 6 Marketing make your business exceptional with our exceptional service, social media management Lancashire.

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Social media management Lancashire. Testimonial from Whitehead and Aldrich AccountantsSocial media management Lancashire is our most popular service. Publishing consistent updates over time will develop your brand and communicate professionalism to your target market.

Social media offers a unique opportunity to broadcast to your market wherever they are. Your messages, brand, product and service can land right in their pocket. Appear in the palm of their hands as they check their smartphone. Place your business ahead of the curve and embrace cutting edge marketing.

As an established social media marketing firm in Preston, Lancashire we have the experience and knowledge to fast-track your online success. From only £299 per month we can manage your online profiles with set management packages to suit all businesses.

See an example of our social media management service on our Whitehead and Aldrich Accountants client page. Click here.


Choose Lucky 6 Marketing and you will receive the following:

•    Bespoke updates written by talented copywriters published every single day. We do not repeat updates and write compelling copy every time.
•    Graphics designed to match your brand, make you stand out online and optimized for social media.
•    Management of your online profiles to develop a strong customer service portal and build a supportive online community that will interact with and share your updates.
•    Data from every single click, share and interaction giving you unparalleled insight into what your target market are interested in and what marketing message is popular.
•    Prompt reply to any enquiries or questions sent via social media. Never miss a potential new customer again!
•    A fully operational and experienced digital marketing team to work with you on weekly targets, objectives and promotions.

Social media by Lee Giacopazzi, Managing Director of Lucky 6 Marketing in Lancashire

If you have a project that requires exceptional social media or a business that is lacking an online presence, please get in contact. We would love to find out more and see how we can help.


Why Choose Lucky 6 Marketing to manage your social media in Lancashire?

We truly believe in the power of great social media. It is not just a job for us, it is a mission. By improving your online communication, we will improve your brand, lead generation and make your business famous.

•    We believe in social media as a tool to improve your business
•    For the same price as one employee you get three employees with years of experience and up-to-the-second insights for over forty other business profiles.
•    Each member of our team has over six years of experience managing professional social media accounts
•    Lucky 6 Marketing is a Limited company under UK law with our very own office in Preston. You can count on us to manage your online profiles now and into the future.
•    Fully managed service. We manage your profiles on a daily basis, build, develop and nurture your online community. It’s hard none-stop work but we love doing it.
•    100% of our time is spent on social media. That’s right! Lucky 6 Marketing is one of those rare creatures, a marketing company that specialize in social media only!

Get in contact today to find out why social media management Lancashire is our most popular service.

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