Social Media Videos in Lancashire

To be the best you can be on social media you need to use videos. We see bespoke, well-made social media videos as essential for any Lancashire based organisation.

We specialise in three types of videos that work well on social media. See below for more information and if you have any questions or wish to chat about your video project please get in contact.

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360 videos in Lancashire

The latest technology in video production and social media. A 360 video records in all directions simultaneously giving the user a view of the entire room or space. When played on Facebook or YouTube the user can move the view point to any direction they like.

It is far more immersive than standard video and a glimpse into the future. 360 video works great for room time lapses, presentations and any application in which you want to show your online audience around a location.


Short videos for social media

We have redefined video production and creation for the average social media user. In this service, we spend half a day shooting at your location to create 28 individual short videos for your social media. Half a day for half a year’s worth of videos; if you send one out every week.

The average user will only spend 20 minutes a day on social media. If you want them to watch your video they need to be short. Our videos for social media are under 60 seconds. They are quick, to the point, high quality and consistent.


Stock video edits

These videos follow a similar format to those above but are far less intrusive for you timewise. This is because there is no shoot time required. We simply edit a video together using your current collection of stock photos, images and content.

Unlike above this service will produce a single video per edit and we are limited on your collection of media. These videos are the perfect solution for ecommerce sites, those with lots of stock and organisations with a collection of media.


*Please note: we may use freelancer and video production companies to ensure best quality and completion time. In this case Lucky 6 Marketing will manage the project and ensure high standards of the end product.